A center for the creation of cross-border experiences and architectural office

Not only is space considered as an expressive existence, but also a natural phenomenon with a dynamic nature. Humans will be aroused facing places that provide cross-border experiences, even in dreams, because the place can dominate human imagination so that it could give meaning to itself.

In this approach, we face a double or even multiple experience. On the one hand, creative and interactive buildings are designed, built, and executed. On the other hand, the audience of the place – as the context – discovers a new meaning by mixing their philosophy and life experiences. Referring to the book The Pleasure of Text by Roland Barthes, Ferraro suggests that urban contexts should be more playful and radical in this field. Therefore, the assumed pattern of narration such as ordering events in the design and construction of new buildings is used even in a reversed manner; defamiliarizing routines, breaking conventional contracts, and inviting the audience to reconsider the space-time field. In this way, diversification leading to differentiation is possible. Otherwise, today’s places cannot differentiate themselves from the past and won’t remain in memories.

Our concept in buildings and architectural spaces with such an approach is to create a work of art with a different perspective, mission, and values that we have considered for ourselves.

Our vision at Ondo is as follows:

Creating cross-border experiences in the field of space and time

For the crew members at Ondo, the mission is defined as follows:

Defining, designing, and constructing creative and interactive buildings with a deconstructive attitude for those who seek a different experience of space.

Ondo’s values are precise, realistic, and binding:


We are deconstructive, learn nonstop, and see no boundaries but infinity.


Our path is not straight. It is a pendulum between humans and nature. We create an interactive building from the constructive dialogue between them.


We look at hidden needs and layers. Responding wisely to them is our profession.


Sharing is not a duty. In this way, our knowledge, awareness, and experience are attainable for those who share the same desires as ours.

Mohsen Saraji


Sara Salamat


Hassan Daneshvar


Alireza Bakhshi


Javad Saberi

2D Artist

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