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Family recreation and entertainment center of Kish Island . Kish Island

Runs like a diamond in the elusive mirror of the river;

The sea breeze and the smell of salt and sand are accompanied by the delicate aroma of diamonds. The waves hit the shore and their rhythm reflects the diamond's pulse, as if they were inseparable. It is the stable power of the night and the day, which shines its light on sea and land. This is a treasure.

The Family recreation and entertainment center of Kish Island (FEC) with the diamond concept is a cross-border creative experience in architecture to depict the timeless elegance of this precious gemstone.

When the visitors arrive at the structure, they would be surrounded by a world of sparkling surfaces, sharp angles, and dazzling light that evoke the brilliance and majesty of a diamond.

FEC geometry is a crucial element in creating this diamond-inspired space. The building is designed with sharp and angular lines to create focus and energy. The exterior facade is designed to absorb and reflect light and create depth and movement.  It is an ever-changing and sparkling surface that catches the eye and draws visitors inside. Each attraction presents a different perspective of the multifaceted world of diamonds. Whether visitors are exploring virtual worlds, playing games or just spending time with family and friends, FEC is a place that offers unlimited possibilities for fun and enjoyment. In general, immersive experiences are designed to create adventure, allowing visitors to acquire new identities and explore new worlds. Such space offers the experience of unique entertainment that engages all senses and creates the feeling of being fully present and alive in the moment.

This complex was designed on a land of 40000 square meters in 2022 in the Ando office, the center for creating cross-border experiences and architecture. Up-to-date materials, lighting design, knowledge of theme park design, and the combination of rides and high-tower gaming systems are some highlights of the project.

Location: Kish Island

Project Timing: Completed

Art director: Mohsen Saraaji

Concept and design team: Mohammad Hassan Daneshvar, Sara Salamat, Javad Saberi

Site and media support: Zahra Mohammadpoor, Faezeh Abadi

Art review: Metanat Mohebbi

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