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Food Court and Theme Food of City Star . Mashhad, Sepahd tourist area

The overall concept of the City Star project is based on the idea that all humans, in a wise and collective partnership, decide to leave planet Earth. This is something that will happen in the future due to various issues. Over the years, they have chosen a replacement planet for Earth to live on, and have also built a star ship that travels at the speed of light. Going to that planet, given that they have to leave the solar system, is an adventurous interstellar journey that can take centuries or even centuries. In other words, the star ship has all the amenities, safety, and smart features that generations can live in during the journey and until they reach their destination.

The nature of man and common sense is that only for an irreversible journey, he takes his beloved, valuable, high-quality and useful goods, and in a way, the conditions do not allow all the natural and man-made artifacts of the Earth and its inhabitants to be placed inside the star ship. On the other hand, for the generation or generations that are only on the way and in a way sacrifice for the children of humanity, it is necessary to provide the best possible living experience.

In this star ship, the food court is a place of convergence of arts. Humans need arts to survive and thrive, to refine their soul and spirit, to find peace, and to experience comfort for a moment away from the vague events of life. Naturally, it is necessary for humans to be exposed to the phenomenon of art during the course of this star ship to reach a relative peace and also to take selected works of art on Earth to the destination planet.

These arts, including painting, illustration, sculpture, element, arrangement, video art, performance art, etc., in conjunction with the art of cooking (in accordance with the functionality of the food court) can meet all the material and psychological needs of the passengers of the star ship (visitors of the City Star).

The designed works have been redesigned with inspiration from the important works of contemporary artists and in different forms of art schools. Works by artists such as Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Chadwick, David Smith, Max Ernst, Giacometti, Victor Vasarely, Calder, Joan Miró, Banksy, etc.

These works are redesigned, built, and placed with decorative, functional, and interactive approaches.

Some of the components of the food court:

Main video: This concept is designed with inspiration from the works of Piet Mondrian. Colorful boxes move in a spiral track.

Wall of stars: This wall is designed based on the Starry Night painting by Van Gogh. In the interactive and user-friendly content of this wall, stars are placed. These stars are awarded to influential people in society, especially the city of Mashhad, in appreciation of their services and efforts. In a way, they are the stars of the city, and each of these people has a star on the wall of stars. Just like Hollywood Boulevard, where each of the stars has a star installed on the sidewalk for them.

Nostalgia street: This street is inspired by a street on Earth. Users and audiences can experience the four seasons of the Earth on this street.

Stargram: Stargram is a social and interactive network dedicated to City Star, which in a way, by creating interaction and dialogue with users, can act as the main page of information and advertising for brands present in City Star.

Star coin: Star coin is the currency of City Star, which the audience can purchase in some places or receive as a prize or gift.

Atlas statue: Atlas was actually one of the Greek gods who, by carrying the world and the heavens, had mastery over the order of the stars. This mythological word has many stories. Atlas is also the name of a mountain range in northwestern Africa, as well as the name of a vast ocean derived from this verbal root. Some called Atlas the builder of the first celestial sphere.

Look at the Earth sometimes: This is an interactive tool that passengers of the star ship can use at different times to look at planet Earth and learn about the details of the source planet and its current status.

Location: Mashhad, Sepahd tourist area

Timeline: Design is complete

Art director: Mohsen Saraji

Concept, design and construction team:

Samira Tousi,Ali Hataminejad ,Sara Salamat,Mohammadhasan Daneshvar,Javad Saberi,Alireza Bakhshi,Morteza Grami

Website and media:Zahra Mohammadpour,Faezeh Abadi

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