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Food Hall, Kish Island . Kish Island

I haven't thought about the sea, but the sea has thought about my thoughts

A poem by Yadollah Royayi

Somewhere near, somewhere far, the waves of the sea give birth to another wave that the sea breeze is unaware of. The coastal line and the project's proximity to the sea made it possible to use the available energy of the site to shape the initial form and volume inspired by the waves in the design of the Simorgh Beach Food Hall project in Kish. The project aimed to create a dynamic and stable structure that recreated the shape and movement of the waves. The initial impression of the project is reminiscent of a floating and flexible configuration according to the wave patterns. This project seeks to explore the potential of biomimicry as a design strategy that enhances architectural functionality, flexibility, and aesthetics. This structure's design also conveys the sea's temporal and spatial changes, like tides. The goal of the project is to create a rich and expressive architecture that reflects the beauty and mystery of the sea, as it is reborn from waves of the sea, somewhere near, somewhere far, in the form of waves.

According to the functional needs of the project and to predict diverse spaces, in addition to considering a significant part of the project as a food and beverage zone in two parts ( public and VIP spaces) some other parts such as entertainment spaces, children's food court, movie zone, and other interactive spaces were necessary to divide the total area into separate and related parts that put them together in a linear organization with a specific rhythm (inspired by local architecture in Kish). Next, we investigated the movement of sea waves and how it affects the project form. As a result, the facade was designed with curves inspired by sea waves. Finally, the effect of these lines on details such as openings, landscape, interior spaces, and lighting was considered.

The interaction with nature, identity, and creativity were  three keywords considered in the design as follows:

Interaction with nature: The form of the food hall has an interaction form with the beach, as if these volumes are washed off by the wave patterns and moving dynamically. It is also evident in the details of the project such as interior design, furniture, lighting, etc.

Identity: By utilizing the linear organization and repetitive and rhythmic forms that are evident in the vernacular architecture of Kish Island.

Creativity: The project is inspired by the floating and flexible concept of sea waves.

This project was designed in Ondo Office, A center for Architecture and the Creation of Cross-Border Experiences in August 2022 in Simorgh Beach, Kish Island, with an area of approximately 2000 square meters.

Location: Kish Island/ Simorgh Beach

Timing: Completed

Employer: Amin Tolo

Art director: Mohsen Saraaji

Concept and design team: Sara Salamat, Alireza Bakhshi

Post production: Javad Saberi

Website and media Support: Zahra Mohammadpour, Faezeh Abadi

Art review: Metanat Mohebi

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