Iran - Mashhad
Mr. Azad
design date
May 12, 2023
site area
floor area

The theme food of the dream city of Padideh Shandiz . Iran - Mashhad

"Ruk" has a golden collar. ( a giant and strong bird in old legendary stories)

Legends begin with creation. Although in the interpretation of the myths and legends of each nation, the circumstances and culture and the value system that governs that community should be considered, as we remove superficial layers, environmental features, and localization from myth and legend we end up in solid and unified figures that are common in most nations, that find its meaning and connect them all to a source in their work called the power of legends.

The very first idea of designing the theme food of Padideh Shandiz was based on the life and cross-border experience of myths and legends that the audience has already experienced another form of it in the media. As Joseph Campbell states: "There is, perhaps, an archetypal mythological hero whose life has been copied by many groups of people in different lands."

The collective unconscious is realized through its constituent elements, such as: archetypes. On the one hand, the emergence of archetypes is possible through symbols, and symbols are also the manifestation of the subconscious. On the other hand, using the language of myths and legends, especially in architecture, is the language of symbols representing archetypes. The deeper and more ancient the symbol, the more general and universal it is, which during the transformation of legends, it gives a flowing biological possibility in the place and time to the audience. The human desire to live in legends indicates the desire to connect to an invisible and chained thread that roots in the collective unconscious, which is used in the design of projects as a way of self-improvement. The creation of such experience-making situations gives the possibility of safe life and discovery in the designed environment to the audience. Hence they could have a unique and interactive experience of being a part of the legend and connect to the invisible chain in meta-temporal and meta-spatial concepts.

Location:Padideh Shandiz , khorasan,Shandiz

Timing: in the concept and execution stage

Client: Farhang Media Management Center

Art director: Mohsen Saraaji

Concept and design team:Sara Salamat, Alireza Bakhshi, Hassan Daneshvar, Javad Saberi

Art Reviewer: Metanat Mohibbi

Autumn 2022

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