Tech architecture or high technology architecture style emerged in Europe in the 1980s. Architects of this style believe that the most important achievement of modernity, development, and progress in the 20th century is technology. According to them, each era of architecture has its essence and characteristic in which it has found a physical form.  Magnificent buildings of ancient Rome are examples of their opinion showing the power of the Caesars Empire. Besides, ancient Greek temples and their perfect geometrical order and proportions show the perfectionism of the ancient Greeks. Finally, towering Gothic churches show the glory of the church and the mindset of the Middle Ages era. Therefore, it can be concluded that today’s buildings should display the intellectual and technical essence of the current time, technology.

The fans of Tech architecture, just like the modernists of the 1920s, believe that every architect has to reflect the spirit of his era in his artworks. Referring to their belief, the spirit of our time lies in advanced technology and architecture should combine this technological progress. The questions that concern their minds are as follows: Why should we keep creating buildings from bulky, heavy, and illogical materials such as brick, concrete, and wood? When can we use prefabricated metal and glass that would easily tie together on the site? And why should buildings separate themselves from industrial culture?

If you look for the meaning and definition of high-tech architecture, it is said that modern architecture and high-tech architectures are very similar in theories and foundations. And many believe that high-tech architecture is the son of modern architecture. However, there are differences between these two schools of architecture in terms of form. These differences are as follows: in modern architecture, there is simplicity and innocence that cannot be seen in high-tech architecture. In other words, if modern architects show the car and machinery in their designs, high-tech architects show the interior of the car and its components. In fact, the materials of this style are metal and glass, which creates features as follows:

Generally, it gives an impression of industry and production.

It shows clarity, honesty, and transparency.

By observing the example buildings, it seems that more technological and visual industries are used compared to other buildings.

It represents greater efficiency and flexibility.

Architects following high-tech style consider it a branch of technology and industry and see the result as an efficient and proper building, not artistic and symbolic artwork. There is a contradiction that no matter how hard architecture tries, it can never be absolutely practical. A high-tech building rather than using technology to improve performance is a symbol of technology. While it is cheaper and faster to create a brick wall, high-tech architects prefer to design a steel frame and lightweight metal panels. Because this technology is in harmony with the spirit of the present era.

Not only the technology and construction technique is of important, but gives a machine-like appearance to the building that is considered by the designers. In terms of building features, it can be said that the building consists of simple and elegant metal structures and has no formal hierarchy to access specific spaces inside. Therefore, the form of this building has nothing in common with the activities that are planned for them.